About us


Our Company’s Story

Hyperama is one of the leading South African supermarket chains in Dubai, founded in the year 2018. We are a one-stop shop for all quality products from major brands in South Africa. Our ethical model for doing business and strict adherence to quality and industrial standards in storage and operating procedure has facilitate Hyperama's emergence as an industry leader among chain supermarkets and departmental stores. Better and better; this is what we strive for on behalf of the thousands of customers who’ve made Hyperama UAE a household name since 2018. But what does it really mean to be “better and better”? Well, our track record for pushing boundaries can be traced back to the opening of our maiden store in Dubai in 2018. As it turned out, that first, humble 400 square metre outlet would become the incubator for many groundbreaking ideas for the supermarket business. 
Today, backed by the biggest food retail group in Africa, we’re able to tap into a wealth of resources that further fuel our innovative spirit and drive to be better and better. The Hyperama family’s collective mission is to bring products and services to market that delight in both quality and price, and we’re able to do that thanks to a shared commitment to our customers.

Here’s a brief look at our journey to becoming UAE's most loved South African retailer:

Dubai - 2018

Abu Dhabi - 2020

Al Ain - 2020

Ruwais - 2020

Sharjah - 2021

Ras Al Khaimah - 2021


Moreover, we maintain stringent internal quality control methodologies; this facilitates our ability to deliver great value to customers on every single purchase, a fact that has endeared us to our ever increasing clientele base.  The rapid growth and consequent spread of our brand across the local and elite sections of Dubai attest to our outstanding customer-oriented service. We continue to apply innovations to our service delivery and evolve by continually diversifying our retinue of products in response to our customers’ needs conveyed through our innovative feedback system.


We acknowledge the multi-ethnic and diversified nature of the city of Dubai, offering particularly attention to the population of expatriates within the community through our pioneering efforts of importing products from South Africa. We bring to the doorstep of our expatriates communities home grown goods and brands to which they are well accustomed.

Our emergence as industry leader is not unconnected to our retinue of diversified products, the quality brands that we associate with and the outstanding value we offer with each sale. From the day to day home needs, to items required for special occasions, we are a one-stop shop for all your shopping requirements.



To facilitate unprecedented quality and exceptional service

To foster distribution of quality consumer products from renowned world brands.

To be a one-stop point for all shopping requirements

To become the market leader in import product distribution and retail

make profit and grow organically

To make our excellent services affordable to the end users







Provide customers with great value at competitive prices

Work with suppliers to keep quality high and prices low

Serve and support our local as well as global communities

Create a pleasant shopping experience through our outstanding customer service



Best for quality and health

Honesty and integrity

Make a positive difference to our community

Respect for the environment

Passion for innovation and excellence



Hyperama UAE boasts of seasoned professionals, highly trained personnel and an avalanche of highly-sought after Consultants. The Managing Director is Javed GAni – a multifaceted personality with a rare passion for innovations. He is ably assisted by business administrators and managers par excellence equipped with a wealth of experiences garnered over the years. Collectively, they bring to bear on Hyperama, a proven and unique ability to provide creative and strategic ideas that continue to facilitate growth in the company till today.



Hyperama delivers an innovative sales platform for carefully selected, high-quality products that have been classed into various groups to facilitate a pleasant shopping experience. The categories are South African specialty shops with related quality products.